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October 9, 2017

GE Honda Aero Engines builds on HF120® impeccable EIS with Expansions of Foreign Certification & Service Network

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – October 9, 2017 - GE Honda Aero Engines (GHAE) announces completion of the type certification validation for HF120 turbofan engine with Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil, ANAC).

“Our commitment to emerging markets, such as Brazil, is unwavering.” said Jun Yanada, president of GE Honda Aero Engines. “ANAC’s certification enables GHAE to deliver engine products to Brazil and also enables timely service for the expanding HF120 fleet.”

Since entry into service, the GE Honda HF120 fleet of engines has accumulated over 16,000 flight hours and more than 14,000 cycles. The fleet consisting of more than 100 engines has been operating with industry leading reliability across North America and Europe.

The HF120 fleet is supported around the clock and around the world with an Authorized Service Providers (ASPs) network comprised of select service centers from the industry. With the recent addition of Lider Aviação of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Thai Aerospace Services Co., Ltd. (TAS) of Bangkok, Thailand, the network is able to provide timely service and support to new and emerging markets.

“We are delighted with the performance and reliability our customers are experiencing with the HF120 fleet of engines.” said Steve Shaknaitis, executive vice-president of GE Honda Aero Engines. “We continue to align ourselves with the best service centers in the industry to deliver exceptional support for customers flying our product.”

GHAE’s ASPs are equipped to perform line maintenance, engine installation and removal, and support of rental engine logistics for HF120 shop visits. The ASP network is further supported by a 24/7 GE Honda Operations Center and a growing team of dedicated Field Technical Managers (FTMs) and Customer Team Managers (CTMs).

GHAE offers long-term Engine Maintenance Care (EMCSM) programs that extend beyond the basic engine warranty, with coverage of both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. The two levels of service coverage offered under this program are EMC2, a hands-off solution for customers requiring comprehensive service, and EMCb, which is predominantly a parts-only program. Both programs are offered through the GE Honda ASP network.

About GE Honda Aero Engines
GE and Honda formed a 50/50 joint venture in 2004, called GE Honda Aero Engines, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The joint company integrates the resources of GE Aviation and Honda Aero, Inc., a Honda subsidiary established to manage its aviation engine business.

About the HF120 Turbofan Engine
Rated at 2,095 pounds of thrust, the HF120 engine sets new standards of performance in fuel efficiency, durability, and low noise and emissions. Some of the unparalleled value available with the HF120 are:

Effortless climb to Flight Level (FL) 450 and beyond, enabled with the high fan and core pressure ratio complemented with a low lapse rate. Advanced technology with a wide-chord, compound swept fan blisk, along with composite outer guide vanes and the use of innovative turbine blade and combustor materials. Smart placement of the rotor dynamic resonant frequencies outside of the engine taxi and flight settings that minimizes unwanted cabin noise to deliver a quiet and immersive flight experience. Super alloys used in the hot section, that set new standards for durability, complemented with advanced prognostic engine monitoring to minimize downtime and provide longer uninterrupted service. Unique air blast fuel nozzles that yield efficient fuel atomization to reduce fuel burn along with precision laser drilled combustor liner holes to ensure minimal pressure drop across the combustor.

The above features create an engine that redefines performance and dependability

About Lider Avição
Líder Aviação has five Business Units - Helicopter Operations, Executive Chartering, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Sales and Ground Handling - that provide an extensive portfolio of products and services, besides aviation insurance, flight simulator training and a Pilot Training Center. A pioneer in business aviation, Líder Aviação is a leading company in this segment, found in more than 20 airports in Brazil and holding a substantial fleet of over 70 aircraft.

About Thai Aerospace Services Co., Ltd.
TAS is a leading aviation company headquartered in Bangkok with more than 40 years of aviation experience. TAS was selected as a partner to sell and support the HondaJet in Southeast Asia. The countries included are Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam where TAS sees great potential for the HondaJet in Southeast Asia, one of the world's fastest growing regions.

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