Soaring Above Expectations

The HF120 engine is an advanced, 2,000-pound-thrust class turbofan powerplant that combines the advanced innovation, design and testing standards of its two parent companies — GE and Honda.

Designed to Outshine

The HF120 engine features a compact and lightweight design with a unique counter-rotating differential bearing architecture that helps deliver outstanding power and unparalleled aircraft-level benefits:

  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency enabling longer range and greater payload
  • High thrust-to-weight ratio delivering increased aircraft speed and reduced climb time to cruising altitude
  • Best-in-class durability reducing aircraft operating cost

For engine details and specs, download the HF120 engine datasheet

Setting New Standards for Durability

A wide-chord, rugged, swept blisk fan, as well as an advanced turbine blade and combustor materials are just some of the unique features that help the engine deliver industry leading durability, enabling:

  • A lightweight, yet damage tolerant design
  • Longer Time Between Overhaul (TBO) due to a robust hot section design

Mature Beyond its Years

The HF120 engine design builds upon decades of research and development complemented with commercial airliner-proven design and material technologies. During the course of development and certification testing, the engine design was thoroughly vetted – including a simulated 3,000 flight cycles run on a single engine. This world-class maturation process also includes:

  • Certification testing on 13 engines
  • Rigorous and stringent endurance testing to keep the engine well ahead of the fleet
  • More than 10,000 hours in testing before entry into service

Naturally Gifted

By incorporating innovative 3D aerodynamic designs, the HF120 engine’s components interact with greater efficiency while optimizing operability. This is complemented with a unique, effusion-cooled combustor design to deliver outstanding environmental benefits, including:

  • Low NOx, CO and HC emissions
  • Noise levels quieter than Stage 4 requirements with substantial margin
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